Six Days Crazy Job 11 - 16 August 2024, Kazanluk - Bulgaria


Date and place of competition: 11 - 16 August 2024, Kazanluk - Bulgaria

Enduro club Crazy Job, Stara Zagora
47 Tsar Ivan Asen Str, Stara Zagora 6000

Joro Hadjiev
Mobile: +359 88 8704455

Galabin Kolev
Mobile: +359 89 9148850

Basic Rules

Six Days Crazy Job is an open international competition.

The competition shall be divided in the following classes:
1. Motorcycles Pro - Overall Single;
2. Motorcycles Expert - Overall Single, Overall Team;
3. Motorcycles Standard - Overall Single, Overall Team;
4. ATV - Overall Single;
5. Women (ATV, motorbikes), Overall Single;
6. Signor single (45+), Overall Single.

Overall Team is composed of two competitors of the same class that do not necessarily finish at the same time;

For Pro class the tracks with very hard difficulty and length from 80 to 120 km per day;

For Expert class the tracks with hard difficulty and length from 70 to 120 km per day;

For Standard class the tracks shall be comparatively lighter and vary between 60 and 100 km per day;

For Women class, the tracks shall be more lighter and vary between 60 and 100 km per day;

For ATV class the tracks shall be comparatively lighter and vary between 60 and 80 km per day.

The registration shall be done at the City of Kazanluk, Zornica Hotel from 18:00 to 22:00 (Saturday - 10.08.2024 ) and from 8:00 to 12:00 (Sunday - 11.08.2024 )
GPS coordinates: N42 37.555, E25 24.104; Google coordinates: 42.625793, 25.401571.
During the same time shall be accepted also the GPS for entering of tracks.

Each competitor must reserve a hotel room by himself. The organizers will only provide a list of hotels recommended by them.
Of course, everyone has the right to make individual choices as well.

ON LINE Registration start from 01.11.2023 here

Participation fee: 400 euro
Women's participation fee: 100 euro.


Saturday, 10.08.2024

18:00-22:00 Registration.

Sunday, 11.08.2024

8:00-11:00 Registration;
14:00 Group departure from Hotel Zornica to the place of the prologue;
14:30 Briefing on the start;
15:00 Start of Prologue.

Monday, 12.08.2024

08:30 Briefing on the start;
09:00 Start of first stage Navigation. The starting date shall be determined upon classification from the prologue;
Time for passing of the track: 6 hours;

Tuesday, 13.08.2024

08:30 Briefing on the start;
09:00 Second Stage of navigation. The start is in accordance with the total time cumulative till Monday;
Time for passing of the track: 7 hours;

Wednesday, 14.08.2024
The day Off

Thursday, 15.08.2024

08:30 Briefing on the start;
09:00 Third Stage of navigation. The start is in accordance with the total time cumulative till Tuesday;
Time for passing of the track: 8 hours;

Friday, 16.08.2024

08:30 Briefing on the start;
09:00 Forth Stage of Navigation. The start is in accordance with the total time cumulative till Thursday;
Time for passing of the track: 6 hours.
20:00 - Ceremony of awarding prizes in Ethno complex "Balgaran". It's located opposite the Zornica Hotel.

Specification of motorbikes and ATV:
Both single cylinders and two cylinders motorcycles and ATV can participate in the competition. As well as two and four stroke.
All the machines must be in full working order.
The noise from the exhaustion pipe must not exceed 96 dB
During registration, each competitor must show his driving license;
Motorcycles without street legal registration can not leave the track, also can not leave the liasson. If they do this, it's entirely at their own risk!

Each competitor must have fuel for at least 50 km. The refueling is done at the specially aimed for that spots of the track;
The refueling is done only when engine is entirely extinguished.
Smoking is absolutely forbidden during refueling!
Each competitor is obliged to leave a can of gasoline, which the organizers will take to the refilling point.


The repairing during the competition is permitted, but the time for repair is included in the total time of the competitor. The competitor can replace all the parts of the machine but the chassis.


The navigation method is GPS
There must be a sticker on each GPS with the competitive number of each one and both names as per the start list;
Each competitor is obliged to submit together with the GPS a computer connection cable. For the new models after: Garmin 60CX, 60CSX and Zumo cables is not necessary.
The GPS must be able to record a track with a minimum of 10,000 points;
Each competitor must record a Track Log for referee control.
If a competitor deviates by more than 100 m. off the track, he must return to the diversion point and proceed from there. The return must be very slow and close to the right side of the wrong section!
Deviation from the track over 100m. is penalized with 15 minutes added to the total time;
A deviation form the track for more than 100 m. along more than 1km shall be considered as intentional and shall be punished from 30 minutes to 2 hours;
More than 1 km. deviation is punished by 4 hours or more.
The track checking shall be done through an exceptionally precise computer program especially designed for that type of competition.
At the particularly hard navigation places the navigating through thick forest and sudden deviations from the main road the organizer shall also put additional marking as arrows or signaling tape.

Obligatory equipment:
- GPS;
- GSM;
- electric lantern;
- most necessary medical kit;
- water;
- spare batteries;
- phone number for connection with the organizers;
- driving license.

It is desirable that every rider has insurance.

Starting numbers:

The competitor is obliged to mount the numbers give n to him by the organizer, on the front mask of the machine, and on the side covers. The competitor is obliged to put a sticker indicating the sponsor of the competition if the organizer so imposes it.

Competitive and technical control:

One hour prior the start all the competitors and machinery must be within the range of the technical control.
All the machinery must comply the standards of the STVO.
The competition is made of prologue and four stages.
When passing through populated locations, the velocity should not exceed 50 km/h;
The velocity is controlled though the recording track log by the GPS!


The competitors start the prologue by lot, which is cast in the day of the registration.
The start can be by categories depending on the width of the track.
Each competitor or team must finish minimum one race, so that to have the right of classification.

Start of stages from 1 to 4:

During the first stage it is started in the Prologue.
In the second, third, and fourth stage, it is started in accordance with the total time form the overall.


The refueling point shall be situated on appropriate place about the midst of the track. Each competitor there shall receive a mineral water.


The finishing time of the team shall be calculated collecting the times of both competitors forming the team.
If any of the competitors from the team has not finished till closing of the track, the team does not receive classification.

The competitor is obliged to submit his GPS to the judges immediately after the finish.


If a competitor sees another competitor suffering an accident, he is obliged to stop and give aid, if having the knowledge necessary for it and immediately to call the organizers.
In case of technical problem, the aid is not compulsory.
If a competitor has to stop the competition before the final, he must call the organizers immediately by telephone.


The temporary results shall be announced and posted each evening from 21.00 o clock in the lounge of the hotel and in the competition's Facebook page;
The competitor has the right of contestation one hour after the posting of the results.
After that the results are accepted as formal.

The Ordanizer reserves it's right to make changes in the Rules, if deemed necessary!